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What is CPS Counter?

In a game like Minecraft, you need to find out how fast you can click your gaming mouse. And it is necessary to determine the clicking speed or mouse speed to outperform your opponents.

After doing a lot of research and analyzing the gamers' needs, we have designed this website to calculate the clicks per second speed.

Though you can calculate it manually using a stopwatch, it won't be as accurate as you can get on our website.

How does CPS Counter works?

The way the CPS counter works is super easy. It calculates your mouse clicking speed in CPS (Clicks per second), which is the output of the number of clicks you made divided by the number of seconds you took.

How do I test my mouse CPS?

Testing your CPS score is easy. All you have to do is start the test by pressing the 'click' button. After that, the timer will start immediately. Continue clicking the button as fast as you can to score high until the time is up.

What is the average CPS Score?

The average not-so-professional gamer can quickly achieve a CPS score of 5 to 7 within 10 seconds to one minute. Achieving the score in this range does not require any special clicking techniques.

Once you hit the CPS score of above 9, then you can consider yourself a fast clicker. This high click rate does require the use of a unique clicking technique.

Collectively averaging out the results says the average click rate is 6.40, and the world record for the highest CPS is 14.2.

How do I improve my CPS Score?

If your CPS score is less than seven and you want to increase it to an insane amount, I am listing a few of the clicking techniques that will surely help you.

  • Butterfly clicking: In this clicking method, you click your mouse as fast you can with your two fingers, usually your index finger and middle finger. This type of clicking technique works best with mice that allow double-clicking.
  • Jitter Click: In jitter clicking, you click your mouse as fast as you can with one finger, usually your index finger. To master this technique, one should do a lot of hand exercise, and this is because the more you put a strain on your hand, the more vibrations it creates, and ultimately increases the click-through rate.
  • Drag Clicking: In Drag clicking, you drag your fingers across the mouse to produce vibrations which in turn will cause your mouse to register more clicks than usual.